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Keniox is cheaper now! Try the trial version for free! Also, when purchased - we offer 14 days money back quarantee! Latest version - powered by AI (Neural Net with machine learning). Great feedback from players who have recently won - 49's UK lottery (FEB 11th) and EuroMillions (end of January) - leveraging an easy to predict lack of balance among groups of numbers :)


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   We do not claim that our software is light years ahead of others.. our users do!

   Check also our FB site with PREDICTIONS for some loteries (like 49's) :)

   "Thanks again guys the software works like a magic. I've won straight 4 numbers today (Jan. 25th 2023) with the wizard. Just tuned it well now its the best. Thank you - Thuli, Republic of South Africa"

   "Just quick note to let you know. I've been using Keniox for 5 months (since Sept. 2022) - and it's really easy to use. I hit 5 numbers of 6 in Michigan’s Classic Lotto 47 in Jun 2022. Great product!" - Gary P.

   "I've been testing Keniox for few days. Great piece of lottery software. Played the Megabucks with the Wizard and hit 4 out of 6 numbers and won nearly $100! in March 2022! Thanks again" - Tara S.

   "Congratulations on Keniox! Its flexibility and user interface are really great.." - Victor J.

    "I bought Keniox in Oct 2018. Since then, I’m almost $4,600 richer. Excellent tool." - Anthony H.

    "I’ve just won 5 of 6 playing the NY Lottery. There was a balance within the groups so I easily calculated my own one with the Golden set! The program did almost everything for me." - Matt S.

    "That's the best lotto software I've ever tried. Keep on working guys.. Bravo!" - Michael S.

    "After investing so little I've won so much this year! Incredible.. " - Z.K, New Zealand

   "What a creative approach to the picking numbers process! Really intuitive. I won $10,000 playing Canada 649 lotto in May 2022. Sent you a donation!. Thank you.." - Bill H.

   "I played Pick 3 with Keniox several times. 80% of numbers were hit. I'm an experienced player I guess, but I never used such program before." - Jordan B.

    "I used to buy a lot of tickets. Now I’m saving money since the wheeling systems works for me. I can reduce the number of tickets and win anyway. So cool!" - Tom A.

   "Less really is more. I had no idea that I can have prize guarantee. Your tickets generator is very helpful." - Neil N.

   "I am really enthusiastic about your program, especially about the flow in the Wizard. Everything is where it should be. Also, the wheeling systems are very useful. With them, I feel that my chances have improved. I'm working on the big prize.." - Kenneth W.

   "I just wanted to let you know that it really works. Only last Friday (11/23/2022), Keniox gave me 7 numbers and 5 of them matched the winning ones." - Gary G.

   "Only 5 days and your software just paid for itself - end of February 2018. I played UK HotPicks and hit 4 numbers :)" – Rajesh. S.

   "Before using your software back in 2016 I had serious difficulties in hitting even a triple. Not anymore." - Sam V.

   "I admit I haven’t scored the jackpot yet, but the 2nd prize was mine - twice in a row! Thank guys." - Daniel M.

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