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Keniox is cheaper now! Try the trial version for free! Also, when purchased - we offer 14 days money back quarantee! Latest version - powered by AI (Neural Net with machine learning). Great feedback from players who have recently won - 49's UK lottery (FEB 11th) and EuroMillions (end of January) - leveraging an easy to predict lack of balance among groups of numbers :)


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I’ve just bought Keniox. What is the best way to get started?

   The fastest way to learn the basics is to take a quick look at the functions in the Keniox section. Then go through our real examples on: How To Play?

I've noticed that a new version of Keniox is released. Can I get it ?

   Of course! Keniox updated version is always free. However remember that to be able to update the draw results you need a valid license. You normally get it (for 1 year) while buying Keniox. After that time you may want to renew it.

I have some doubts about the number(s) I've chosen. Can I count on your help?

   Yes, you can. Feel free to ask any questions you may have during numbers selection process and be as specific as you can giving us a full description of your problem (country/lottery name, current groups situation, your goal etc.).

My country's lotto game(s) are not included in Keniox. Can I still use it?

   Yes, you can. You can create new lottery definition. See -> Adding new Lottery section. After you have created the new lottery, you should add at least the last 50 draw results. If you’d like Keniox to support your lottery (the draws auto update) - please contact us.

Is there any limit on the number of lotto games I can define?

   No, there is no limitation on that. You can define as many games as you need.

What do I need to run the program?

   You need to have: Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Windows XP and Windows Vista are no longer supported due to security reasons - Microsoft no longer supports them). Please also make sure that you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or higher installed.

I've just purchased Keniox. Can I use it on all PCs I have?

   Keniox by default comes with a single license for 1 computer. In order to run the program on your other PC(s) too, you will need additional licenses. You can order them here (select 'additional licence' in the form).

Will the program work after Windows reinstallation?

   Yes, it will.. After registration you will be given a password, that will work also after reinstalling the operating system.

What shall I do if an error appears? Is there a warranty for the program ?

   We are doing our best to prevent Keniox from crashing. Please read our Warranty and Software Quality Policy sections. In the error occurs, the program reports it automatically so we can look into it immediately.

I’d like to share with you my ideas on improving Keniox. What can I do?

   Great news for us! All fresh ideas count. We want to constantly improve our program, so any input is welcome. Please contact us with your suggestions.

If I am not happy with Keniox, can I return it ?

   Yes, you can. We offer 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Is it guaranteed that I win?

   We continuously strive to increase Keniox efficiency, reliability and improve its user interface. However, we cannot give you a written guarantee that you will definitely win big with Keniox. It’s probable. If any lottery software guarantees you win big bucks, they are being rather economical with the truth. After all, when leaving behind all the analysis, stats, charts etc. - it is a lottery - a game of probabilities!
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