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     Keniox user interface is really clear and user-friendly. All windows in our program can be arranged to suit individual needs of every user. They can be docked against the edges of the applications, they can float, or be tabbed within the same window. And it can all be done using the “drag & drop" feature. Also, all layouts are saved on exit, so they will appear as they were next time you launch Keniox.

1. Main Keniox window

1 - On the top bar - there are shortcuts to the most common functions as well as name of the currently loaded lottery.
2 - This area expands or/collapses group boxes containing all Keniox functions.
3 - Main working area.
4 - Selecting this check-box will cause every new function open in a floating window.
5 - Here you can find the latest lottery result.
6 - This function decides which of the draw results are active in Keniox. Before playing for real, we recommend you have a few practice runs. You can, for instance, exclude the last draw result from all analysis - then go through the number selection process, and check whether your choice matches the numbers from the last draw. You can also analyze past situations (i.e. before the 'flood' in one of the groups) by selecting active draws from within any time frame...
7 - The status of draws database. It indicates whether any draw results are missing.
8 - Clicking this button will generate the list of missing draws' dates.
9 - Keniox status. Provides important information about all functions.

2. Arranging windows
     Every function is opened by default at the top edge of the working area:

     Any new function will open maximized and docked below the first one.

     Every window can be easily docked (using drag & drop) against one of the edges of the working area:

     The opened functions can also be tabbed in a single window...

3. Floating state..
     The windows can be dragged out from the working area:

The chart function below is displayed in a floating window.

4. Maximizing working area..
     Both left and bottom panels can be collapsed to achieve the optimal size of the working area.

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