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     As mentioned earlier every lottery defined in Keniox has specially designed 3 sets ('First', 'Second', 'Third') of numbers, distributed regularly across all the numbers (usually 49-50 numbers). Each group contains on average 16-17 numbers. The typical playing strategy is to choose one of these groups (the one that is far 'behind' or 'on the wave') and then select numbers from it based on: 'Numbers Occurences', 'Cycles', 'Neighborhood and Friendship' and 'Cycles' functions.

     We can assume that for a given range of draws, designed groups, for instance A, B and C would be good, but after let’s say, 3 months (and many new draw results) these 3 groups are no longer the most advantageous. These groups cannot be constant.
     'The Golden Set' addresses this problem. It can go through every draw result, analyze all combinations and finally identify the 'best' the golden group.

     Using this function is an alternative to 'standard' playing strategy and a real time saver. You only need to calculate one or two groups (we call them: golden, silver) and then make use of Ticket Generator.

1 - Select the number of draws
2 - This label shows the number of 'floods' the identified group had and how many numbers it contains
3 - Best, 'golden' numbers found (so far)
4 - Second best group found ('silver')
5 - Press to add the identified 'golden' group as a new user set. It can be used exactly as any other number group in Keniox (and managed with My Numbers as well)
6 - Progress indicator - the time of calculation depends on the number of draws. It can take up to 2 hours (there are billions of combinations to consider)
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