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     This function gives you details of the recent behavior of the numbers. Based on the assumption that numbers over many draws should come up more less the same number of times - it can indicate whether a particular number is 'hot' or 'cold' ('on the wave' or 'behind'). Also, the columns "On average every" vs "Last occurrence (draws ago)" inform about a possible return of a number.

1 - Selecting "Sorted list" allows you to view all numbers, displayed as a list.
2 - Selecting "Group by User Sets" - displays user-defined groups (see below)
3 - Select an amount of draws to analyze
4 - Output table contains:
  • "Number" - number from all numbers list/user groups
  • "Drawn Times" - how many times a number was drawn in 'n' draws
  • "In last draw" - shows if the number was on the last draw result numbers list
  • "On average every" - the frequency of drawn numbers appearing
  • "Last occurence" - shows how many draws ago the number came up
  • "Currently 'on wave'" - the column informs if that number can be currently a 'dead cert'.

Numbers grouped by User Sets:

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