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     This is a basic function for selecting a group where numbers are drawn on many occasions (as a 'flood'). It tells us whether the group is 'behind', 'on a wave' or maybe it's not a good time for playing at all because all groups are in the balanced state (so the odds of winning are minimal).

1 - Select the number of draws.
2 - The output table contains:
  • "User Set" - selected user set
  • "Sum" - how many numbers (in total) have been drawn during the past n-number of draws
  • "In last" - how many numbers showed up in the last draw
  • "Floods" - the number of 'floods' of this group in the last "n" draws
  • "Last Flood" - how many draws ago the last 'flood' took place
  • "Flood every (avg.)" - how often a 'flood' occurs (on average; every x draws)

     In the above example the set: 'Third' is far behind the rest, and 'First' group is 'on the wave' (to see if the wave is over, please take a look at -> Groups chart).

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