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     Once your bet is ready (with one or more tickets) you can manage it using this function.
     After setting the draw range for a saved bet, Keniox will automatically check if your numbers match the drawn ones. Such ticket management allows you to plan, simulate and fully control the game.

Adding new bet..

1 - Enter a short description
2 - Define your tickets by selecting numbers
3 - Set the number of draws the bet will appear in and press 'OK'

Bets management

1 - In order to quickly find a bet - it's possible to filter the bet list by creation date
2 - Bets table consists of:
  • Bet's description
  • Draws range Keniox calculates the number of draws automatically
  • The number of tickets
  • Bet's status. Possible values:
    • Waiting.. - lottery results not available yet
    • In progress.. - some results are available, but not all
    • Complete - All results are in Keniox database
  • Date and time when the bet was created
3 - Bet's context menu contains:
  • Add new bet.. - set numbers and draws range (details below)
  • Add new bet with these tickets.. - when other bet is selected you create a new one based on existing ticket
  • Change draws range.. - allows changing in which draws the selected bet will be played
  • Remove this bet..
4 - Ticket's table contains:
  • The ticket number
  • Numbers
  • The number of hits with percentage efficiency
5 - Draw result with hits marked in red
6 - Overall summary of the selected bet (including all tickets). Shows the total number of hits

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