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     Tickets generation is the last part of number selection process. Whether you choose them with the Wizard using Keniox functions you should take into consideration the following:

  • Budget - how many tickets do you want to fill?
  • Is that enough to 'cover' your numbers in sensible way?
  • Have you identified any 'dead certs'? It might be useful in reducing the number of tickets - the 'dead cert' would be present in every numbers’ combination
  • Would you like to use one of the Abrreviated Wheeling Systems to reduce cost of tickets and have prize guarantee?

     Numbers Generator is able to create numbers combinations taking into account the questions above. Select your numbers, pick those with 'high priority', use Abbreviated Wheeling System and play...


1 - Select numbers by clicking on the buttons
2 - If a 'dead cert' has been identified - increase priority of that number (red arrow)
3 - If you've already saved some numbers as User Set - you can use them
4 - Select the quantity of picked numbers
5 - Select the number of tickets you want to submit
6 - If you want to take advantage of an abbreviated wheeling system - choose it from the list (details below)
7 - The result table contains:
  • Generated numbers
  • Drawn times - some combinations were already drawn. Avoid picking those. E.g.: in Lotto 6/49 the odds of combination repetition are minimal
  • Date when the last combination occurred
8 - Keniox can ignore unlikely combinations containing consecutive numbers e.g.: '1, 2, 3' etc.
9 - Generated tickets can be saved into 'My Tickets' function as a single bet
10 - These tickets can also be saved into a file
11 - Total number of possible combinations

Abbreviated Wheeling Systems

     Wheeling systems simplify the betting process and are used by professional gamblers to maximize odds of winning.
     E.g.: when you play Lotto 6/49 it's beneficial to define larger (more than standard 6) group of numbers - like 10 or 12, and 'cover' tickets with these numbers so your payoff is bigger through multiple ticket hits (you are playing several combinations of the same numbers). Every system has a guarantee which defines when one or more of your tickets will win if some numbers from your group match these from the draw result.
     For instance: a prize guarantee of 5/6 means that if 6 of the numbers played are correct, you are guaranteed to have at least one ticket with 5 matches.
     You normally choose a wheeling system based on how many tickets you want to submit, prize quarantee and the quantity of numbers you chose to play.

1 - Normally when selecting wheeling system - the list is automatically filtered based on the quantity of numbers you have chosen. You can also display all available systems.
2 - The Systems table contains:
  • How many numbers have been chosen
  • How many numbers are crossed out on a single ticket
  • Number of required tickets
  • Guarantee

     Below is a sample selection of Abbreviated Wheeling System with 5/5 guarantee:

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